Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Racism and Tolerance

Racists oppose men from other tribes having sexual access to women of their tribe.  Tolerant people make no negative judgment about men of other tribes having sexual access to women of their tribe.  This dialectic presupposes the normalcy of fornication.


August said...

A while back I was looking at something seemingly completely different- mitochondrial dna. If you look up a world mito-map, well, it tracks with race, suggesting women have a far larger hand in the development of race than one would think. In my research I also noticed whites seem to have more different kinds, and this would be consistent with the inability of whites to perceive themselves as a race. Because we may actually not be, and now we've got plenty of white people with South American, Indian, and other mtdna running around.

So, the really unpopular opinion might be to look for the 'superior' mitochondrial dna and go find mates there. I suspect the Japanese have it. Despite higher smoking rates, a lot of carbs, and other first world problems, they've got lower disease rates associated with mitochondrial dysfunction. They are thinner and (less related to mitochondria) have higher IQ.

Of course, due to the fact they are suffering from the same globalist nonsense that effects the West, they aren't reproducing particularly well. But then, nobody smart is. The Chinese are probably going to marry out- wherever they get stuck, like Africa- because there are so few women left after their population control project. One presumes high IQ Han are likely to be a much smaller group in the future.

Christopher Klein said...

Then the negative aspect or the hatred is created by forced integration.

Eric walker said...

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