Thursday, March 23, 2017

Comment on Abortion & the Alt-Right

A few years back, I thought about making a bumper sticker that said KEEP ABORTION LEGAL, LET THE PAGANS KILL THEIR OWN BABIES.  This line of thinking led me from conservative pro-lifeism to be anti-abortion but only half-heartedly pro-life.  Contrary to Spencer, there is in fact a moral binary here; abortion is either good or evil, either permissible or impermissible according to the natural law.  I am anti-abortion not because it psychologically devastates women, or because it's racist against blacks, or discriminatory against the retarded, or even because it's dysgenic for whites or Christians.  I'm anti-abortion because it is intrinsically a grave offense against the natural law.  It has no place in a society ordered to the laws of God. 

That said, in a society that refuses to submit to the rule of Christ, abortion used as birth control is allowed by God to curse idolaters.  In the same way that sodomy is a judgment of God to allow people to be enslaved to their own lusts, so abortion as birth control--as the woman's right to choose--carries in itself its own curse.  It is an abominable act, and it curses whoever performs or participates in it.  These will live with the spiritual and psychological consequences of their crime forever.

And I guess I'm not Alt-right.  Spencer says individuals obtain their dignity and their rights solely by virtue of belonging to a particular natural community.  Though I'm a traducianist, a minority opinion in the Church, I'm fully on board with the proposition that human dignity and rights were given by the Creator to be the common heritage of all men.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Feminism is Disloyalty

Supposedly, health insurance today promotes virility and does not promote childlessness. But virility and childlessness are not opposites. Apples and oranges.

If they wanted true equality on this point, feminists would be pushing for insurance to cover the equivalent of Viagra for women. But they aren't, so it seems modern feminism's really about promoting childlessness.

Why promote childlessness? In order to increase the power of women as a political interest group, freeing them from burdens imposed by nature to bear and raise children.

This power-seeking on the part of women is why many developed nations' fertility rates are below replacement level.

It's time to call feminism out for what it does: it puts the interests of women as a political class above the survival of the nations to which they belong. Demonstrably hostile to national survival, feminism is a disloyal outlook fit only for disloyal women.