Saturday, July 19, 2014

From a Letter to a Syriac Christian Friend

If Christians in the region had their own political identity apart from the Muslims, I'd support them. But, as it is now, they seem to be shrinking (not having children & leaving) and the Muslims are absorbing the ones that are left.

In the contest between Muslims and Israelis, I support the Israelis. Christians should not be in alliance with the Muslims against the Jews. They should be neutral or in alliance with the Jews to drive the Muslims out. Jesus and the prophets came from the Jews not the Muslims. Mohammed is not a prophet I recognize.

Because the Christians are in the minority they will have to live with whatever regime takes power--or leave. Christians will not be in control any time soon unless many Muslims & many Jews convert to Christianity.

Killing is what happens in war and war is what you have right now. It was inevitable. They should have been allowed to fight it out to a conclusion a long time ago. War is how these things are decided, not ineffective "peace talks" and political solutions no one respects. Generals and armies make the borders, not politicians. They always have.

The people that bleeds, sacrifices, and most importantly--wins--earns the right to make the rules, nobody else. This is the only way peace can be achieved. I'm sorry.

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