Thursday, September 26, 2013

Progress of the Great Apostasy

1.  Political Goal of the Reformation: Eliminate spiritual authority of the Church over the temporal. On the continent, renegade princes usurp the royal priesthood by means of heretic proxies. In England, the king sets himself over the religious cult.

2.  Political Goal of Puritanism/ Enlightenment-Republicanism/ Communism: Regicide.

3.  Political Goal of Modernism: Replace authority of revelation with authority of reason.

4.  Political Goal of Feminism/ Sexual Revolution: Eliminate authority of fathers & break up the traditional family.

5.  Utimate Goal of Scientific/ Bureaucratic Technicism:  Deface, defile, & destroy the image of God in body & soul of as many human beings as possible.

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Neovictorian23 said...

Very well said-concise and descriptive. Also, thank you for adding the link to me.