Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christianity and Liberalism

Christianity teaches that the Devil contrived to draw man into his rebellion against God.  As a result, all man’s relationships were disordered and have been characterized by injustice ever since.  Salvation is obtained, not through human effort or striving, but by submitting to the redemption accomplished by Jesus Christ and offered through the ministry of the Catholic Church.  God created man to live in a certain state, i.e., dedicated holiness, and man must consent to this state in order to be saved.

Liberal progressivism tells a different story.  According to liberal progressivism, man was born entirely free, under no subjection whatsoever, possessing freedoms only and no responsibilities.  The fall of man from his natural condition of liberty occurred by his being enslaved under various limitations he did not devise for himself.  The progressive liberal believes that no law not consented to by the human will can be just.  For the progressive liberal, human consent actually confers justice.  Ergo, God’s arrangement is not sufficient to frame just laws for the creature.   

The salvation offered by liberal progressivism is achieved through rebelling against every limitation imposed upon man:  lawful authority, divine law, natural law, materiality, even being itself.  The transgressive program of iniquity develops.  It takes time for liberal progressivism to fully reveal itself in history.  And whatever liberal progressivism promotes as the new good is considered better by those deceived through its seductive lies.

In attacking his natural limitations, defiant man actually accomplishes the Devil’s purpose, which is to deface and defile God’s creation as much as possible, even to its utter annihilation.  It turns out that Hell and the liberal progressive future are the same place, the same end point.
Read Dr. Bruce Charlton on science.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Tools and their functions #2

God's word is the archetype of every tool designed to divide or separate.

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Tools and their functions #1

The plow and the sword are the same instrument.