Saturday, April 21, 2012


Responsibility is the ability and the right to fulfill some duty.


kelly said...
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kelly said...

“those to whom much has been given, much will be expected.” (Luke 12:48)

Raman said...

I've always thought of responsibility to be a duty rather, something you are obligated to do (though not forced). Rights are therefore a separate thing, as they are entitlements. However, the two do often come together.

kelly said...

I am loving that otter Raman, nom nom. I am not sure though what you mean by duty and obligation being separate? Can you elaborate?

The dictionary defines:

Duty - something that one is expected or required to do by moral or legal obligation.

an action or task required by a person's position or occupation; function: the duties of a clergyman.

Obligation - the act of binding or obliging oneself by a promise, contract, etc.

something by which a person is bound or obliged to do certain things, and which arises out of a sense of duty or results from custom, law, etc.