Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Quotation of the Day

Alan D. Strange writes,

"NL2K [W2K]... seems to be about an absolute dualism that has no integration point, a problem in any system. We must account for both unity and diversity, not simply diversity. I would say that the cosmic Christ who rules over all (and the church in a particular way) is the integration point.

"You may not think that Frame is getting it right, and that he’s all oneness without the proper distinction(s). But the solution is not diversity without unity, because God (who is three persons) is also one in His Trinitarian nature and Jesus Christ is one in the integrity of his theanthropic person in the Incarnation. A dualism that remains a true dualism will never do, any more than Tri-Theism or Nestorianism will.

"This one and many business is difficult stuff, I admit, but the Bible never solves it with an either/or but with a both/and that transcends our reasoning. That Christ is the head and king of the church does mean that He is not the king over all creation. And that the Scriptures teach us the way of justification does not mean that they do not teach us how to live as well (because sanctification is part of our redemption; not part of our justification or adoption, but part of our salvation)."


Rees & Elizabeth said...

You know there is some definite irony in this title "Unpopular Opinion". Seeing as to how the most common religion/belief (synonymous with opinion) is in fact Christianity. Which seems to be the forefront of 90% of these "Unpopular Opinions". I liked most things -up until the blow on Psychiatry. That was horse shit. And it could be deemed unpopular with me. -E

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