Thursday, August 11, 2011

Truth Usurped

The totalitarian ideology of tolerance is an assault on truth and reason itself. Neither Iran, Tsarist Russia, or Tudor England were so audacious as to attempt such a thing.

Tolerance is the false prophet that compels all, the small and the great, to worship human choice as God.

Idolatrous Choice, elevated to the ultimate methodological principle, above truth, where human choice determines truth, where it cannot be said or even thought that the constitution of the natural family is superior to the constitution of a homosexual “family,” or that homosex is inferior to heterosex, is a crime against the world itself.

Through the black magic of tolerance, the safest place on earth–the human womb–transmogrifies into a death chamber.

Tolerance, by inverting choice and truth, assaults Reason.

Liberals instinctively suppress the distinction between the actual and the hypothetical in thought.

How? When choice is God, reality is conceived as the product of the human mind’s operations. The human mind becomes then the Master of Reality, and as soon as the hypothetical is entertained as a possibility, the liberal is so very close to birthing a new world out of his brain.

Will-worship is the original sin: "Hath God said? You shall not surely die, but shall be as gods, determing good and evil."

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charles said...

Toleration is a lie from the deepest, darkest pit of hell.