Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pascal's Wager

I will to believe.

You will to believe nothing.

You lose.


Alastair Michael said...

Was just browsing through "next-blog" and came across your blog. I just wanted to say I believe it's impossible to believe "nothing." Belief is a part of what makes us human and whilst there are those that choose to put their faith completely in what they can sense and what science can prove to them I think it is a gross overcomplication to say they believe (in) nothing.

Always forward, never straight.

A. M. said...

Thank you for commenting, Alastair. I agree with you: technically speaking, no one believes in nothing. You are correct, humans as contingent beings necessarily must "believe."

The empahsis in my little existential argument here is on the will of the believing subject. To will to believe "nothing" is to refuse to acknowledge Deity higher than oneself.

Either we acknowledge a Supreme Power or we acknowledge ourselves to be the Supreme Power (of which none is higher). If the latter, we have initiated a course of self exaltation (positing a contingent being as ultimate) that necessarily precipitates our ruin.

Pride comes before a fall.

To place ultimate faith in ourselves is to place faith in nothing, because we are dust and to dust we will return.