Thursday, June 02, 2011

The Difference between Social Conservatism and Christianity

"Neither the slaughter of the unborn nor sodomy nor egalitarianism are 'social' issues.  Rather, they are at the heart of the Devil's attack upon the souls of our world, today, and the pastor who believes his silence on these matters demonstrates a superior gift of contextualization is ignorant of the basic attributes of those men called and set apart by God to warn their flocks 'day and night, with tears.'

"Warnings against such wickedness are throughout the prophets and the letters of the Apostle Paul. Men think of these things as 'social' issues because they haven't a clue about the sins of the souls who are members of their churches... and so they believe to pray and warn and call for confession of these sins is to do politics, to be 'socially conservative.'

"...The man who refuses to address the sins seducing and destroying souls within his congregation may well be a social conservative, but he's no pastor and should be no model for other pastors."

-Tim Bayly

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Ansell Cuff said...

When we understood the difference, men again will hear the truth of the gospel.