Monday, November 08, 2010

What Would a Monarchy in America Look Like?

I commend to the readers here the following articles by John C. Médaille:

On Democracy and Kings

A Real Catholic Monarchy

Monarchy and the American Constitution

John C. Médaille is a father of five, an adjunct Instrutor of theology at the University of Dallas, and a real estate agent in Irving, Texas.  He has a web page devoted to "Distributivism and Catholic Social Teaching" and other subjects.


charles said...

Hi Andrew,

I really loved Médaille's rescue of the U.S. constitution, especially his use of Aquinus against 'regalism'. Aquinas' outline of mixed government is very interesting. Medaille help answer and congeal a few things I was thinking about. Your recent post on the patriarchal state is short but more dense theoretically than Medaille's material.

charles said...

I recall an old post where you tackled libertarianism. If Medaille is right, and devolution of power to states is a high priority, where can christian monarchists make alliances without sacrificing conscience? It would be different in christian monarchists existed a loose party within a party, much like a caucus within either the American Independent, Greens, or Libertarian parties. Or perhaps the GOP? Any thoughts on practical monarchism?

Anonymous said...
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A. M. said...

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Frangipan said...

It would look weird! Monarchies are not a good thing any more, they are outdated and empty symbols!