Monday, November 08, 2010

The Patriarchal Theory of the State

I just came across this article over the weekend and thought UO readers would be interested in reading it.  It's one of the finer statements I've read lately from the monarchist point of view.

My own perspective is fundamentally that of the patriarchal theory of the state.  My understanding is that Adam was created head of the entire race and that fatherly authority was transmitted to his male offspring.  In opposition to the theory that men are created as free and equal individuals, my view is that persons are first established in families and only achieve a degree of autonomy later.  This autonomy has to be earned; and there is good and bad autonomy.  However, the path of authentic personhood always involves honoring one's parents in obedience to God from whom every paternity in heaven and earth receives its name.

Furthermore, on my theory, society is essentially a network of families in covenant tied together by the bonds of faith, loyalty, mutual care, and blood.  The state receives its legitimacy from its participation in the the divine rule of Christ who rules as everlasting Father by the will of his divine Father.  To the degree a state departs from the divine pattern is the degree it departs from its taproot in Eden.  A state departs from its purpose, i.e., to produce godly seed before the Lord, in direct proportion as it undermines the integrity of the nation's families.

Finally, the basic function of law is to protect the family and govern relationships between kinship groups, not enunciate the rights of individuals in abstract isolation from everything (and everyone!) else.  Law should not prefer the abstract individual over the family, for the individual cannot exist without the family.  Fathers have high privileges and grave responsibilities under this system that other persons do not, cannot, possess.  Justice, in order to be just, must be applied in a way that honors the familial structure of the human race.

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charles said...

I gave a special link to this one under British Monarchy at my blog. This is the beginnings of a manifesto. If you have any time, promise me you'll google Prussian Union and the Jerusalem Bishopric found on wiki. You'll find some very provoking material there.