Friday, September 25, 2009

Quotation of the Day

Over at Blog and Mablog, an astute commenter named Alan had the following to say about Westminster Two Kingdoms (W2K) theology:

"At least the dispensationalists have the virtue of wishing Christ could be king right now-- while (conversely) the Hauerwas/Willimon types refuse the transformational impulse, but insist that though the gospel can't overcome the (evil) world, they're happy to die trying.

"The reformed dispensationalist approach-- c'est la vie-- seems oddly stuck between transforming and resisting the world. Their besetting temptation-- though doubtless not their goal-- is compromise with the world in the "already." Otherwise known as worldliness."

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Steve said...

And, the Reformed-Methodist approach (read: theonomy) is finally no different from that classical liberal saw, "The world sets the church's agenda." Worldliness indeed.