Thursday, March 12, 2009

Is a Constitutional Convention in the offing?

Back in December there was a World Net Daily article based on a warning issued by Tom DeWeese of the American Policy Center. The article basically states that only two more states need to vote affirming the need for a Constitutional Convention and that our constitutional rights are threatened.

Well, I doubt it. Not that our constitutional rights are threatened--they are--but that the liberal majority would risk the trouble. Having an outdated constitution in place that is only selectively applied is a great asset to the ruling class. They can clothe themselves with the mantle of the venerability and authority of a hallowed system, claiming to be true to the internal logic of a living document, while moving the nation slowly and surely in a progressive direction. Why would liberals want to give this up? So far, it's worked very well for them.


Bill Walker said...

The "facts" stated by Mr. Tom DeWeese in his column were incorrect.

The author makes the statement that an Article V Convention is not close at hand. The fact is, it is long overdue. The Constitution requires that if two-thirds of the states apply for a convention call, Congress must call one. Mr. DeWeese focused only on one particular amendment proposal issue and even there is he didn't tell the full story.

The fact is that all 50 states have submitted over 700 applications for an Article V Convention covering over 20 amendment issues. This huge number of applications has come about because Congress has refused to obey the Constitution and call a convention when required.

Therefore the author's conclusion is incorrect if one holds Congress must obey the Constitution.

All of these applications can be read and the matter is fully explained with documented evidence to back all assertions (something Mr. DeWeese did not provide in his column or elsewhere if anyone bothers to look) at

Take time to learn the truth. Then decide. Thank you.

Andrew Matthews said...

Mr. Walker,

It may be that a Con Con is overdue. So what? The political herd in Washington won't actually follow through with one.

And, Mr. Walker, if there were an actual convention, do you actually think the traditional constitutional rights of Americans would be preserved?

Thanks for dropping by.