Monday, March 30, 2009

De Regno Christi Returns

Dr. Bill Chellis has kindly invited me to continue as a contributor at his excellent group blog De Regno Christi that has recently been re-organized.

It is an honor to be included with several distinguished writers, historians, and theologians in this endeavor. So far, the list of contributors includes:

  • Gregory Baus, a Reformed Dooyeweerdian philosopher and social thinker;
  • Dr. Bradley Birzer, Russell Kirk Professor of American Studies History at Hillsdale College and a Roman Catholic; Pastor of Westminster Reformed Presbyterian Church and co-editor of Semper Reformanda;
  • Dr. Bill Chellis, an Attorney and an ordained Minister of the Reformed Presbyterian Church;
  • Dr. D.G. Hart, an author of many books on modern Protestant history in America,
  • Davey Henreckson, a "high church Anglyterian" and author of the excellent Theopolitical blog; and
  • Caleb Stegal, a country lawyer, writer, and former editor of the excellent The New Pantagruel.

Be sure to check out the discussion as I believe we'll soon be systematically examining specific propositions that concern the relation of Christ to culture.

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