Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Unpopular Opinionator is now officially a practicing Sabbatarian


charles said...

Does this mean keeping the Lord's Day Holy, 24 hrs? Not Saturday worship, right? Did any of the Puritan sabbatarianism ever rub off on catholics in the Church of England?

Andrew Matthews said...

To your first two questions: Yes, the Lord's Day, from 12:00 AM Sundy morning to 11:59 PM Sunday night, not Saturday.

Regarding the practice among Anglican "catholics", I'm unsure.

I am enirely convinced that the 4th Commandment is still in force. My current position is that it is a creational ordinance and therefore not a ceremonial law belonging (solely) to the Old Covenant economy.

My understanding is that the apostolic Church and many of the Fathers kept the Lord's Day holy beyond attending church services. I don't blieve the Puritans were the first "orthodox" Christian sabbatarians, in other words.

Finally, I'm currently reading Francis Nigel Lee's The Covenantal Sabbath. It is an excellent and comprehensive work.

Bill said...

What was established at creation week was "God's rest" as you find in Hebrews 4, and not a weekly shadow of that rest as was given the Israelites. The linguistics of Hebrew there make it utterly impossible to conclude a weekly keeping of a day of rest was established for mankind; that day having no end.

God's rest is entered into through faith, and not through the rotation of the earth where day and night are separated by the earth's own shadow, for the weekly sabbath indeed is a shadow of this rest God entered into (Col 2:16-17).

So if you want to embrace the weak and elemental things of the old covenant at the expense of the new and the realities of the Spiritual, knock yourself out.

Andrew Matthews said...

Dear Sabbatarian Heretic,

There is no such thing as entering in to anything by pure faith because faith is never alone. We are embodied creatures and embodied creatures act on what they believe with their whole being: body, soul, and spirit.

Show me your faith without works and I'll show you my faith by my works.

Thanks for dropping by.