Monday, November 10, 2008

Who Should be King of the U.S.?

The monarch should be American. However, there ought to be continuity with our original (British) sovereign, if possible. Therefore, here are two suggestions:

a) the American nearest in blood relation to the House of Hanover. This option has the dual benefit of having one of our own and repairing the breach of the past. Also, such a person might be an "average Joe" who happened to win the lottery of life by merely being related to the Hanovers. This might appeal to the American preference for the long-shot, the under-dog, and the "big chance."

b) a prominent and distinguished American male who will marry the most eligible princess from the houses of either Hanover or Windsor, for the good of the country. (I'd be happy to oblige if absolutely necessary. ;)) Seriously, though, this option has the dual benefit of providing an excellent individual most capable of achieving success and establishing a tie with existing royals.

The "chosen one" (not Obama) needs to be a Christian committed to his religion, Judeo-Christian ethics, classical western virtues, and traditional American liberties rightly construed (freedom of religion, equality before the law, representative government, free markets, etc.).

Finally, there should be a state church that solemnizes official government assemblies in a standard way. The king should be a member of this church and have a function in it appropriate to his national responsibilities. The currently emerging American Anglican Province would be my choice.

What do ya'll think?


Fred Preuss said...

I thought we already had a royal family: the Kennedys. At least you'd get that impression from watching public TV. There always going on about JFK and 'Bobby' and how JFK junior would've been the savior of the nation.

Fred Preuss said...

I've actually been in a catholic home that not only had pictures of all three men, but had candles burning in front of them.

Andrew Matthews said...

Well, now we've got a new Messiah, and his Bamalot. I understand a school in NY, not wasting any time, has already changed its name to "Barack Obama Elementary School." And I'm sure a lot of parents will be naming their boys after him now that they have some "hope."

Sour grapes? Not really. With either McCain or Obama in office, the ascendancy of Liberalism is assured in the good ol' USA for a long time to come.