Wednesday, June 04, 2008

St. Barnabas

(From this week's ACTS OF ST. LUKE'S)

The month of June holds several Saints Days, the first one of which is June 18, Saint Barnabas' Day. Bishop Coxe, in his THOUGHTS ON THE SERVICES, says

"St. Barnabas, who is also called Joses, was added to the Apostolic company after Our Lord's Ascension and was at once an Apostle, and the first-fruits of Apostolic labor. He introduced St. Paul top the church, and labored a long time with the Apostle. He seems to have been of a majestic bearing, for the pagans would fain have worshipped him as the chief of their gods. As he was a Levite, the Apostolic succession was, in his person, grafted upon the Mosaic priesthood, so that in him and others, the line of Levi became perpetuated and identified with the Christian Ministry. It is surprising, if we closely follow his history, how much more the infant church was indebted to this remarkable man than to most of the original Apostles, so far as we can judge by the inspired records. The Apostles themselves named him "The Son of Consolation," and this surname, no doubt, is the chief reason for the appointment of his Feast Day in the season near the great day of the Holy Comforter (Whitsunday or Pentecost). The Collect is a beautiful comment on his endowments, and on his fidelity in using all his talents for his Master's honor."


Anonymous said...

I believe Saint Barnabas' Day is June 11. I enjoyed the post.

Jacob said...

I just saw your blog linked to Steven Wedgeworth's. It looks good.

Andrew Matthews said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Jacob. I've added your blog "A Redneck on Aquinas" to my blogroll. I put it under the Reformed category, unless you think it should go elsewhere.

Jacob said...

Greetings Andrew,
Thanks for linking to me. Reformed category should be fine. I do stand broadly within the Reformed tradition, but not exclusively so.