Friday, December 07, 2007

Introducing Guillaume Groen van Prinsterer

Must reading for counterrevolutionaries: Unbelief and revolution: A series of Lectures in History. Abridged and translated by Harry Van Dyke © 1989, 2000 (Jordan Station, ON: Wedge)

Lecture I: Introduction
Lecture II: The Wisdom of the Ages
Lecture III: The Anti-Revolutionary Principles
Lecture IV: Historical Governments
Lecture V: Abuses
Lecture VI: The Perversion of Constitutional Law
Lecture VII: The Reformation
Lecture VIII: Unbelief
Lecture IX: Unbelief (continued)
Lecture X: The Conflict with Nature and Law
Lecture XI: First Phase - Preparation (till 1789)
Lecture XII: Second Phase - Development (1789-94)
Lecture XIII: The Reign of Terror
Lecture XIV: Overview - 1794-1845
Lecture XV: Conclusion
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