Friday, December 07, 2007

A Great Film

In Ben Affleck's impressive directorial debut, we are presented a stark vision of the plight of the urban underclass. We see the ravages of the drug culture and are brought to feel keen frustration with the misery that too often results from the natural course of events. Adapted from Dennis Lehane's bestselling novel, Gone Baby Gone is probably the best film I've seen all year. Affleck masterfully brings us step by step to a carefully framed moral dilemma that compels us to render judgment. While I disagree with Patrick Kenzie's (the main character played by Casey Affleck) ultimate decision, I respect it. Kenzie shows willingness to live with the consequences of his decision. Gone Baby Gone achieves what the medium at its best should do: it arouses moral indignation about real problems and contributes to the cultural discussion.


mpb said... arouses moral indignation about real problems and contributes to the cultural discussion."

Amen. (an old practice of acknowledging and embracing what was said is true)

(but this isn't to say that this is all that a movie or film should do. but I don't think you were suggesting that)

I'm gonna see it soon.



Andrew Matthews said...

Right, Gone Baby Gone is not the greatest film ever made & there are films out there that illustrate higher principles. Man for All Seasons comes to mind.

However, GBG does succeed in wedding moral principle with artistic craft. My working definition of Art (doing what it should, what it is intended for) is developed craft expressing or communicating spiritual principle, ultimately edifying rather than defiling the observer...drawing the observer closer to God who is the Good, the True & the Beautiful.