Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Hossinator Rules!

Anyone who has spent a little time over at ReformedCatholicism.com knows the genius of "Elder Hoss." And here he is again rocking the Reformed world! (Check out the comment thread.)

BTW, make sure you are following the discussion over the Federal Vision controversy at De Regno Christi.


Mark said...

Andrew, my very good and wonderful friend. Your recommendations are so often not only good, but many of them have been flat out great.

and i continue to hold to that high opinion of you, despite this link you are giving to the readers of UO.

This is pure drivel and a waste of time..

Readers of UO: fear not, he's a hall of famer.

b. :)

Andrew Matthews said...


Elder Hoss said...

Dear Brother Andrew:

The fact that you refer to me as Hossinator suggests you understand me. Reformeddom, ala the popularized version present-hour, needs to file bankruptcy so it might be restructured and emerge from the ash heap solvent.

Much of what I write could be discarded, but the "I Shound Ararm AA Hodge Not Weeform" along with a few others here and there, hopefully made the point with sufficient, shall we say, rhetorical force. There are too many Calvinista Commandos out there, still subsidized by their parents, and lobbing poorly concocted polemical grenades from dad's computer. I think many of them may even be in ministry!!

Andrew Matthews said...

Hi Elder Hoss,

Thanks for dropping by. I appreciate the challenge you voice against Reformed sectarianism and know it all too well. Could you elaborate on what you mean by "ash heap solvent"?