Saturday, August 25, 2007

Quote of the Day

Matt Bondy is an Op-Ed columnist for Canada's Guelph Mercury. The following quote is from this blog post.

"If we look carefully, we find that the Islamic extremists are in fact inviting us to our own brand of extremism – a choice between the embrace of defeat and a blind, mindless commitment to violence. But if our tradition of moderation and resolve has yet withstood the corrosive effects of live-to-the-minute combat cameras and an ever accelerating materialism, we will find ourselves, before too long, recommitted to a two-pronged approach to the Middle East; a strategy defined equally by compassion and strength. And borne out in patience. We will facilitate reconciliation and the construction of social infrastructure in territories held by free men, and we will forcefully, if necessary, advance the cause of freedom in the territories that remain.

"The Afghan war, like the counter-insurgency in Iraq, is a just cause, and it is imperative that allied forces stay and fight and win. Because abandoning people we’ve sworn to protect is just not something we do."

I especially like how Bondy describes our Middle Eastern strategy as ideally "defined equally by compassion and strength." War is hell, but America and her allies have been engaged in the most humanitarian war (in both method and purpose) fought in recorded history.

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