Tuesday, August 21, 2007

James Jordan writes a letter

"Next came the Clarkians at Knox Theological Seminary. They, and they alone, actually spoke to the "FV" people that they disagreed with. This, I'm horrified to recount, is unique. None of the other committees and people who have investigated this "FV" stuff have ever bothered to email or phone anyone they are evaluating. At least the Clarkians did talk to us."

As someone who came to the Reformed faith through Gordon Clark's writings and the newsletters produced by the Trinity Foundation, this warmed my heart. I have always appreciated Clark's catholic spirit and intellectual integrity, and am glad to see some of his followers have continued this tradition.

Jordan also writes,

"The OPC chimed in next. No surprise. The OPC is full of Klineans who hate any type of cultural transformation. The whole Reformed "world and life view" tradition is rejected by the Klineans. They want a "spiritual" church that might as well be an invisible church, holed up in this wicked world and waiting for Jesus to come back. Not exactly the robust Calvinism of our postmillennial and "optimistic amillennial" forebears. So, the OPC report (from a stacked committee) rejects the FV. No surprise there."

Read the rest of Jordan's letter here.


Mark said...

"At least they talked to us.."

Hmm..if so few seem to possess even the very basics of intellectual dignity..sad.

Andrew Matthews said...

Yeah, Mark, it's truly sad when we are reduced to praising minimal displays of intellectual honesty as if they they were heroic acts of integrity.