Saturday, August 11, 2007

Blogs I Read

Here are a few blog recommendations:

I can always count on Steven Wedgeworth, a younger Reformed blogger, to provide thoughtful commentary on the happenings in Reformedland. I especially enjoy his short reflections on various scriptural themes and passages, an example of which can be seen here.

I just found this exciting blog yesterday. Just Genesis, a blog started earlier this year by Alice Linsley is devoted to an on-going theological and anthropological exploration of Genesis. The author has been engaged with the study of this book on a high level for the last quarter century. Just Genesis promises to be an important resource for my own work on the foundations of humanity's religious and social life.

For those interested in the ongoing dialogue between Roman Catholics and their "separated brethren" over papal supremacy check out the following:

  • Cathedra Unitatis - An Eastern Orthodox Christian Looks at the Church of Rome.
  • Pontiffixations - Ponderings on the Papacy by a Sympathetic Protestant (Another blog by Tim Enloe, who is always worth reading.)
  • Principium Unitatis - A blog dedicated to the reunion of all Christians.
  • Pontifications - This blog set the standard for Roman Catholic apologetics on the web.
  • Energetic Procession - There's a thought provoking discussion going on right now comparing the two main (catholic) theories of ecclesial validity (Augustine vs. Cyprian) on this Orthodox blog.

Finally, relating to the Federal Vision controversy that is currently rocking the Reformed world:

  • Blog and Mablog & Green Baggins - Watch Doug Wilson (FV) and Lane Keister (FV critic) battle for the soul of the Reformed Tradition.
  • De Regnis Duobus - Jason Stellman, an FV critic and proponent of W2K, is currently evaluating the recent Joint Federal Vision Statement. I think he's being as fair as possible, given his ecclesial and soteriological presuppositions.
  • Corrigenda Denuo - The blog of Jeff Meyers, a member of the notorious FV cabal. ;-)
  • Heirodule - Paul Duggan (FV) tackles the biblical issues and interacts with the work of Meredith Kline.
  • Biblical Horizons - Scott Clark thinks Doug Wilson is the FV leader, but James B. Jordan is actually the grandmaster of the organization, the inspiration behind their dastardly schemes.

I take personal interest in Shawn Abigail's blog (Grey in Black and White). Shawn is both an informed cultural critic and Open Brethren. (I, myself, came out of the Brethren "church.") It's instructive to observe how someone from the free church tradition who is supposed to be separate from the world, "in the world but not of it," can be so deeply concerned with the world in which we live.

Finally, Mike Spreng's Anglican Thought provides a viewpoint as close to mine as I've seen. I'm excited about discovering his site and can't wait to interact with him.


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Alice C. Linsley said...

Andrew, Thanks for mentioning Just Genesis. I hope that the blog continues to provide you with food for thought.