Thursday, July 05, 2007

Major Essay: In Defense of a Theology of Cross and Glory

"Once the majority view, Christendom has fallen out of favor even with most proponents of Christian culture. Yet, Christendom is the only cultural program that has been tried. It lasted for over 1500 years, demonstrating significant—even extraordinary—stability, and perhaps is not completely beyond resuscitation. I feel honored to advocate for the venerable tradition of Christendom on this forum."

Dear friends, things have been pretty quiet here at Unpopular Opinions, but I've never been busier writing. There are a couple of significant conversations that are currently on hold, to which, I intend to return (Are you out there Eric and Russ?). Soon, I hope to resume discussion about the so-called rule of law (constitutionalism) and the biblical basis for monarchy.

However, the urgent task at hand has been to provide a defense of what has been termed "theocratic transformationalism" over at De Regno Christi. The intensification of my activity at DRC began with a critique of the "Two Kingdoms" theology of Westminster Seminary California represented on the blog by Darryl Hart, a well known Reformed historian. So far, I have published three parts of an essay (here, here and here) demonstrating compatibility between theocracy (established religion) and our Lord's example to eschew violence in propagating the faith. I find no contradiction between the Lord's command to "Resist not an evil person" and the Christian magistrate's duty to punish ungodliness and commend true religion (1 Pet. 2:14; Rom. 13:3-4). So far, I have published four clarifying posts also (here, here, here, and here). I plan to complete the essay in two or three more installments.

We live in the twilight of liberalism. The Enlightenment's legacy has never been weaker. The Puritan, Republican, Communist, and Sexual Revolutions have come and done their worst. The scientific foundation of Darwinism totters. The Church of Jesus Christ remains.

Lift up your heads and take courage. The King is coming. Will we be ready for his appearing?

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