Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Problem With Westminster's Two Kingdoms

I have long been troubled by certain tendencies in Westminster Escondido's two kingdoms theology. It may be that the problem goes all the way back to St. Augustine himself. Is it possible that the great doctor of the Church was unable to fully leave behind the Manichaeanism of his youth? Read my latest post at
De Regno Christi
for an analysis of the spirit that motivates this secularizing theology.


Baus said...

I commented on your most recent DRC contribution, because I wasn't sure I had known that you were a contributer. Then your name rang a bell and I remembered your blog here. But do say more about yourself if you get the chance.

Andrew Matthews said...
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Baus said...

hey, thanks! I find it very interesting, so I hope we'll have the chance to talk more.