Monday, May 28, 2007

Peter Leithart: Georges Florovsky on the Necessity of the Incarnation

I have long been convinced that God always intended the Incarnation to take place regardless of whether the Fall took place or not. Read Leithart's post.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Jerry Falwell, (1933-2007)

Read about his life. I think in some ways Dr. Falwell set the model for how generations of Evangelicals have engaged with cultural and political issues--more emotionally than thoughtfully. May our prayer be that the Lord would raise up Christian leaders who are as dedicated as Falwell, but who have learned from his mistakes.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Practical Monarchy

Nick over at Altar and Throne has written a good post entitled "My Ideal Monarchy." Nick is a traditionalist Catholic who is commited to the monarchical ideal. While I disagree with Nick specifically about the justification for the Iraq war and more broadly about the role of the United States in world history, I appreciate his thoughtful writing. Altar and Throne is a worthwhile blog for all who are interested in monarchy.

I have not delved into the practical working out of my political theory. So far, I've devoted my energies to articulating a theological and philosophical foundation for my system. However, I'm not so far up in my ivory tower that I can't see the incongruity of theocratic autocracy and present social reality. The most difficult challenge for monarchists today is to outline a plausible historical development toward a monarchy of the future. What would a monarchy look like in post-postmodernity? And how do we get there?

The Problem With Westminster's Two Kingdoms

I have long been troubled by certain tendencies in Westminster Escondido's two kingdoms theology. It may be that the problem goes all the way back to St. Augustine himself. Is it possible that the great doctor of the Church was unable to fully leave behind the Manichaeanism of his youth? Read my latest post at
De Regno Christi
for an analysis of the spirit that motivates this secularizing theology.