Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The UO Knight Sallies Forth

For the cause of King, Christendom, and American Imperialism, Unpopular Opinions remains the only defender. It is a lone outpost holding out against the capitulation to the Revolution that has emasculated the West. Blogdom is full of so-called conservatives and religious traditionalists who are unaware of how much they have been compromised by their accomodation with Enlightenment political philosophy and secularism. And so, a solitary champion rides forth, wielding the sword of truth, to do battle in far distant blogs.

Here are a few combined thoughts (slightly modified) I've written recently over at the Borg Blog and the Jollyblogger:

Yes, I do view the Islamist threat as being at least as serious as the threats posed by the fascist powers and international communism. A significant portion of the Muslim population wants to see Western Civilization (including America) go down.

This Jihad mentality is exacerbated by their embrace of conspiracy theories relating to the “Zionists” and 9-11. A theory of mine is that the conspiratorial view of history is endemic to the Mohammedan heresy. Muslims believe that Jews and Christians corrupted the Holy Scriptures. For instance, they think it was Ishmael, not Isaac, that Abraham attempted to sacrifice.
Islam presents an alternative historical narrative to the Judeo-Christian history that is central to the Western project. This alternative narrative has been adapted by leftists at home and incorporated into their arsenal of multicultural propaganda, which serves to weaken our cultural self-confidence.

...Islamism certainly does not threaten the stability of our own government presently. However, it poses a real threat to Europe’s existence, if demographic and cultural trends continue. Consider all the trouble experienced in France and the riots caused by the cartoons. Look for Sharia law to be implemented in some areas within a decade...

...I agree that the Islamists do not presently pose as significant a military threat as the Nazis and Communists did. However, there are certain things that must not be allowed to happen. The Islamists must not be allowed to control Middle Eastern oil, they must not be allowed to dominate Europe, and they must be prevented–at all costs–from obtaining nuclear weaponry. These are real possibilities that must be guarded against if the U.S. government is indeed committed to protecting America and her allies...

...The Islamists have been carrying on a war against us for about thirty years that we were largely oblivious to because it all happened “over there.” We didn’t take them seriously before 9/11...

...there has been a rise in militant Islam that has corresponded with a cultural encounter with the West from which they were formerly isolated by their life in the desert. This encounter with the West jeapordized the way of life Muslims have always lived. A dramatic rise in wealth (oil money) in Arab hands, enabled the extremists among them to buy weapons which made it possible for a relative few to inflict damage on many. They cannot allow Israel to exist because it spells the end of Muslim hegemony in the region. They will not stop their war against us until they are destroyed and their culture is overwhelmed. They are fighting desperately to prevent the end of their world. Therefore, they are our enemy, and view us, whether secular or Christian, as their bitterest foe.

Stay tuned for more insightful theo-political analysis of our world situation. Good night, and God bless America.


Eric F. Langborgh said...

I appreciate your humor, Andrew. :o)

I'm not ignoring your latest comment at my blog. I hope to get to it soon, once I have the time available so that I can respond to it with the attention it deserves.

Eric Langborgh, "Borg Blog"

Eric F. Langborgh said...

At last: "On the War on Terror, Imperialism, and American Monarchy"

Andrew Matthews said...

I'm honored Eric has taken the time to react to the viewpoint I've been expressing here at UO. His challenges are excellent, and it's going to take me a while to address all his criticisms adequately. The discussion moves forward!