Thursday, October 05, 2006

On Prospects for a Restoration

Nick over at Altar and Throne is a bit too critical of American foreign policy and Republicans for my taste, but he's a true believer in the Restoration. Here are a few thoughts I left at his blog:

Because the heresy of republicanism (the ideology, not the party) is so widespread, we have to wait for the system to break down. We are already seeing this in over-legislation and over-bureaurocratization that inevitably occurs as politicians cater to the arbitrary whims of a populace directed by media hype.

The "charismatic and influential" politician [we] are looking for must truly be a man of accomplishment, virtue and foresight, so that whatever order he establishes will not be immediately undone after his death. He will most likely have been elected to the executive branch.

...the ideal of monarchy is more important than the claims of any royal family. The "cult of blood" has caused many problems in the past, and we need to learn from those mistakes.
God can raise up a new kingly line whenever and wherever he pleases.

In addition to the basic equality that all men have, being created in the image of God, the original kingship of Adam has been restored in Christ. Kingship is a property of the new humanity (the Church), in which every Christian shares. So, a great Christian man that rises to prominence through the grace of God is spiritually qualified to establish a royal house.

If the reader is interested, I recommend Alexander Schmemann's Of Water and the Spirit: A Liturgical Study of Baptism for more about the royal priesthood of God's people.

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