Thursday, October 12, 2006

First Official Post at De Regno Christi

Be sure to check out my first official posting at De Regno Christi. This post entitled "Defining Our Terms," lays out the way I propose the kingdoms of this world relate to the Kingdom of Christ.

Last night over dinner with some dear friends who are also fellow parishioners at St. Luke's I was discussing the status of national Israel in the current dispensation of God's redemptive program, how the whole earth belongs to God's people (the Church) by right while at the same time the land of Israel remains the special inheritance of the Jewish people. In my view the two positions do not conflict but complement each other.

My intention is to avoid the anti-semitism entailed by "replacement theology" by exploring how the Church as a new kind of society that had never existed before--a meta-civilization--can incorporate national Israel as a core (on condition of repentance and acknowledment of the Messiah) as well as any other nation that bends the knee to Christ. Stay tuned for a some thoughts on this important and controversial subject.

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