Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Choice We are Faced With

Here in America, and the West in general, our traditional "values" have been under attack by secular progressives. Secular progressives have so long considered the white Christian male to be the oppressor, that they are willing to allow Islam parity and even preference to Chrtistianity. "Multiculti," as Doug McIntyre calls it, has prevented our communities from preferencing our own culture and heritage, while allowing Muslims to import their alien ways into our society.

Dennis Prager has written an article about Muslim cab drivers who don't conform to our cultural expectations. Here is an excerpt:
...In Britain and Australia, Muslim taxi drivers refuse to pick up passengers who have a dog with them -- even when the passenger is blind and the dog is a Seeing Eye dog. Nearly all religious Muslims believe that Islam forbids them to come into contact with dogs. Therefore, Muslim taxi drivers will even drive by a blind person standing in the cold, lest they come into contact with the dog.

And in Minneapolis, Minn., Muslim taxi drivers, who make up a significant percentage of taxi drivers in that city, refuse to pick up passengers who have a bottle of wine or other alcoholic beverage with them. This is significant. We are not talking here about Muslim fanatics or Muslim terrorists, but about decent every day Muslims. And what these practices reveal is something virtually unknown in Judeo-Christian societies -- the imposing of one's religious practices on others.

Melanie Phillips, author of Londonistan, has written similarly:
The most grotesque example of all, however, is surely the proposal to build the largest mosque in Europe on the site of the Olympic village in east London. The most prominent landmark on the Olympic site, it is intended to symbolise Islamic power in Britain. Worse still, it is being funded by the Tablighi Jamaat, said by French intelligence and the FBI to be the most significant recruiters for Al Qaeda in Europe.

And to cap it all, within a mile of the site, the largest church in Europe — the Kingsway International Christian Centre — has been compulsorily purchased and is
about to come down. What greater symbol can there be of the retreat of Christianity and its replacement by militant Islam? This is why the argument over the place of the veil and the cross in public life is so significant. This is not about prejudice or discrimination. It is about cultural survival.

Also, if you haven't already read about the prayer calls in Hamtramck, Michigan, you might be surprised at how far Muslims will push to impose their religion on us. It's time that we Americans rediscover our own heritage, reinforce our own identity in law, and oppose the imposition of foreign religions (including secularism) on our land.


Anonymous said...

Every couple of months someone on a forum or weblog dredges it the call to prayer in Hamtramck and professes outrage as my neighbors exercise their rights of Freedom of Religion under the First Amendment.

As an atheist, all the religious sounds my neighbors make in Hamtramck seem ridiculous to me. The recorded bells of St. Florian, Our Lady Queen of Apostles, Immaculate Conception Ukrainain Catholic church playing westminster chimes and Holy Night around the Holidays, and the Al-Islah Mosque's live adhan.

In my ears they're magical incantations that have no meaning, well except that each group is exercising their rights that so many have fought and died to defend.

Two-hundred years of constitutional law backs up American's right to make religious sounds. What gives a particular denomination the right to be the one and only?

"But it does me no injury for my neighbor to say there are twenty gods or no God. It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg."

-Thomas Jefferson, Notes on Virginia, 1782

Andrew Matthews said...

Dear Anonymous,

The raison d'etre of this blog is the contention that Christianity constitutes the core of Western Civilization. The lesser values of liberty and equality that we moderns hold so dear are derivative values that only make sense in the context of Christianity.

The values of liberty and equality, when absolutized, lead to the disintegration of community. They are insufficient bases on which to form the fraternal bonds necessary for the unity of a people.

The cosmic redemption accomplished by Jesus Christ through the mediation of the Church remains the best basis on which to unify people and promote peace among the nations. (I am willing and able to argue this point further.)

Islam proposes an alternative vision that is incompatible with the general thrust of our civilization. While individual Muslims should have certain rights as individuals while living amongst us, their relgion should have no public recognition whatsoever.

The religion of America has always been some form of Christianity & this heritage should be protected and honored through our civil institutions. The question whether our society now favors Christianity or something else should be resolved so that our society can form policy that is consistent with its religious identity.