Monday, September 25, 2006

A New Quote for the Day

I want to apologize to my loyal readers for failing to update UO over the last two months, because there is much to comment about that has happened recently. Screaming out for attention has been the controversy sparked by the Pope's statements in Germany and Venezualan President Chavez' address to the U.N. However, the purpose of this blog is not so much to comment on curent events as they happen, but to apply a particular theological viewpoint to facts gleaned from from both history and current events. That said, we are living in momentous times for the world, as significant as the terrible world wars that took place last century.

Something else I should mention is that I have been extended the honor of being an official contributor to De Regno Christi, a blog dedicated to discussing the implications of Jesus' rule for the civil power. Be sure to check there frequently for some of the the best Presbyterian thought on the topic. To my knowledge I am the only Anglican monarchist contributing to the blog.

Signing off for now, here is a great quote from a reader of Peter Hitchen's blog:

It has seemed to me for some time that what unites such incongruous allies as Leftists and extremist Muslims is nothing more or less than a common antipathy to Christianity/Judaism. Of course the reasons for this antagonism are completely different in the two camps but they find a shared focus in a hatred of Christian America, and of confidently expressed Christianity in Europe. Interestingly, this incongruous and increasingly powerful alliance can best be characterised as 'Anti-Christ'.

This is exactly my view. Modern liberalism and Islam find common cause because they are both manifestations of the spirit of Antichrist. Their present alliance may even amount to something more significant for the warfare of Christ's Kingdom in the world. Time will tell.

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Andy, Congratulations on your Blog promotion! I am looking forward to some good reading!

Kelly #2 ;)