Sunday, March 27, 2005

Schiavo Case: Judge Greer ousted from the Church

"You must know that in all likelihood it is this case which will define your career and this case that you will remember in the waning days of life... I hope you can find a way to side with the angels and become an answer to the prayers of thousands."

These words were written to County Circuit Judge Greer by his pastor William Rice of Calvary Baptist Church (SBC) in Clearwater, Fl. Shortly afterwards, Judge Greer withdrew from church membership.

Calvary Baptist and Dr. Rice have had a history of activism for the cause of life, which is evident from the letter he wrote to the Florida Baptist Witness. It appears that Judge Greer's way of life has taken a divergent course from that of his Christian association.

James A. Smith Sr., executive editor of the Witness, had the following to say. “It appears that Judge Greer has chosen to remove himself from the loving care of a biblically sound church rather than to submit to the biblical obligation to exercise his public duties in a manner that is consistent with his Christian faith. This is regrettable for Judge Greer because he could not be better served than to be under the teaching of Dr. Rice."

Such a perspective is diametrically opposed to that of Mary Repper, a long time friend of the judge. She told reporters that, "The people in that church should be ashamed of themselves, to demonize George and to ask him to leave for doing his job, for upholding the law. To me, that was the most offensive thing that has happened so far."

That the "honored" judge would allow his friend to make these kind of public statements is telling. It makes explicit what was already manifest in his unwavering refusal to consider new evidence. Terri was declared "brain dead" and the verdict was set in stone, never to be reconsidered.

These statements by Ms. Repper make abundantly clear that the judge recognizes no higher law than the state's. For him, as for all secularists, law is created ex nihilo by the exercize of the autonomous human will.

A few hours ago, Terri was administerd last rites by her priest. May God the Father and Jesus Christ his Son receive her into their presence at long last. Terri, you're almost home.

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