Saturday, November 06, 2004

Retort to Maureen Dowd

On the 4th, Maureen Dowd of the New York Times wrote an Op-Ed piece entitled "The Red Zone." Her piece seems to be part of the Times' "official story" that the election was hijacked by the Christian right. I wrote this letter to Ms. Dowd to confirm her fears that there is indeed a real Christian right that wants to re-establish Christendom.

Ms. Dowd,

In your latest editorial you wrote:

"The president got re-elected by dividing the country along fault lines of fear, intolerance, ignorance and religious rule."

This is brilliant analysis! Republicans and Christian right nut-jobs are really fearful, intolerant, and ignorant theocrats in sheep's clothing.

But isn't it true, Ms. Dowd, that you fear, marginalize, and avoid considering their ideas? When was the last time you read the Gospel of St. John, studied the Nicene creed, or contemplated the five ways of Thomas Aquinas? Did you even "get" Dostoevsky's Brothers K?

The moral and intellectual tradition of the church has been going for 2000 years. From whom did your virtues come and at what date did they arrive? Or, did they arise out of the thin air of your own brain?

I always savor the irony when secularists parade their list of virtues for us all to bow down to. What authority do they have to impose the "values" of tolerance and radical secularism upon us? What Moses came down from Sinai to give us these laws?

Tolerance is a wholly neutral concept. One can tolerate evil or good, it makes no diffence because tolerance is just tolerance. Tolerance is an attitude, not a virtue.

Secularism is a wholly negative concept: it merely means the absence of religion. Your values are devoid of content, Ms. Dowd.

In order for your concepts to have any meaning, you must assume the reality of good and evil. And these, my dear, are spiritual realities. Your pseudo-values are parasitic on the good, depending for their being on Good itself.

Have I lost you, Ms. Dowd? Neglected your St. Augustine, have you? Maybe you should read Plato on the death of Socrates before you move on to heavier things like Trinitarian monotheism. Apparently, sensitivity and familiarity with the Christian foundations of civilization are not required for Op-Ed journalism at the Times.

BTW, the militant a-theism of the secular left is Exhibit A that there can never be peaceful co-existence between people who believe that religion has a legitimate political aspect and people such as yourself.

More and more people are recognizing this. The upshot is that the Enlightenment project has failed, and it will be only a matter of time before American government is re-founded on explicitly Christian values.

Andrew Matthews

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