Sunday, October 31, 2004

NY Times Says Osama Tape Will Have No Effect

Today's article, "Voters, Their Minds Made Up, Say bin Laden Changes Nothing," by Kirk Johnson appears to be an attempt by the Times to make sure that Osama's last minute bid to influence the election will not help Bush. True, this is probably the most polarized election in my lifetime, and certainly, most people have made their minds up already. However, our current situation is that the race is very close, and every vote counts at this point. Who knows how many voters are like Veronica Gonzalez of St. Paul who said, according to the Times, "that the tape certainly scared her, but that she did not know whether Mr. bin Laden's words might influence her vote." (emphasis added) While it is true that the partisans will not be dissuaded from supporting their candidates, there may be many people "in the middle" who are confused and do not know which way they should go. It's time to pray that Americans think very carefully about why terrorists want John Kerry in office and not George Bush.

Read the NY Times article.

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