Saturday, October 30, 2004

Hans Hoppe on Democracy

Hans Hermann-Hoppe is probably the most competent critic of democracy writing today. He argues in his latest book, Democracy: The God that Failed, that democracy is both uneconomical and immoral. It is absolutley necessary that thinking people start questioning the value and utility of this sacred cow. The way forward is to be found by tracing our way back and finding out where we went wrong.

Hoppe writes, "Imagine a world government, democratically elected according to the principle of one-man-one-vote on a worldwide scale. What would the probable outcome of an election be? Most likely, we would get a Chinese-Indian coalition government. And what would this government most likely decide to do in order to satisfy its supporters and be reelected? The government would probably find that the so-called Western world had far too much wealth and the rest of the world, in particular China and India, had far too little, and hence, that a systematic wealth and income redistribution would be called for...

"In light of these 'thought experiments', is there any doubt about the consequences which resulted from the process of democratization that began in Europe and the U.S. in the second half of the nineteenth century and has come to fruition since the end of World War I? The successive expansion of the franchise and finally the establishment of universal adult suffrage did within each country what a world democracy would do for the entire globe: it set in motion a seemingly permanent tendency toward wealth and income redistribution.

"One-man-one-vote combined with 'free entry' into government – democracy – implies that every person and his personal property comes within reach of – and is up for grabs by – everyone else. A 'tragedy of the commons' is created. It can be expected that majorities of 'have-nots' will relentlessly try to enrich themselves at the expense of minorities of 'haves'."

Here, Hoppe has exposed the dark secret of democratic egalitarianism. Democracy is in reality institutionalized envy. It is the condition when the envious mob has justified its coerced appropriation of other people's property and labor.

An article composed of excerpts from Hoppe's new book may be found here. Check it out!

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